Safety Information: Concentrator

Doctor’s Prescription: Oxygen at __ liters per minute __ (cont., PRN, etc.)

Concentrator placement:

  • Well-ventilated area (not in a closet).
  • Away from walls, drapes, curtains, bedspreads, etc.
  • Away from combustible materials (grease, lotions, solvents, etc.).
  • At least 8 feet from heat sources (smoking, matches, stoves, heaters, toasters, hair dryers, etc.)

Concentrator use:

  • Plug into appropriate electrical outlet. DO NOT plug into extension cords or multi-outlet adapters.
  • Do not use as a table. Never place anything on top of concentrator (drinks,plants, books, papers, covers, etc.
  • Turn on concentrator with power switch:
    • Motor should begin to run.
    • Alarm will sound for a few seconds until pressure is reached.
  • Adjust liter flow:
    • Rotary Flow Control: turn the knob until prescribed liter flow appears
    • “Tube” Flowmeter: adjust the knob until the middle of the ball is at the prescribed liter flow.
  • Fit the nasal cannula to face:
    • Insert the 2 prongs into nose: prongs must point upward and curve into nostrils.
    • Slide tubing over and behind each ear.
    • Slide adjuster upward under the chin - NOT TOO TIGHT!
  • Use the Concentrator:
    • At the prescribed liter flow - no more no less.
    • For the number of hours each day as prescribed.
    • For the prescribed activities.

Cleaning and disinfection:

  • Clean Tubing, Nasal Cannula and Humidifier Jar as directed in the Cleaning Instructions provided to you.
  • Wipe concentrator cabinet with clean, damp (water only) cloth.never spray anything on or into concentrator, such as fantastic, formula 409, pinesou etc.
  • Clean air inlet filter weekly:
    • Remove filter element.
    • Wash in warm, soapy water
    • Rinse completely.
    • Squeeze in paper towel to dry.
    • Replace filter element.


  • Never smoke while using the concentrator.
  • Keep away from open flame.
  • Use only in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never use oil based products, such as:
    • Vaseline;
    • Chapstick;
    • Oily lotions or creams.
  • Never change liter flow without your doctor’s permission.
  • Clean concentrator supplies as directed.


  • If alarm sounds:;
    • Make sure plug is in outlet;
    • Make sure outlet has power (check fuse/circuit breaker);
    • Check concentrator Circuit breaker;
    • Use back-up oxygen supply.
  • No oxygen flowing from nasal cannuia:
    • Check for loose tubing connections;
    • Check for loose humidifier jar
    • Check for bubbles in humidifier or place nasal cannuia in glass of water and check for bubbles
    • Check for blocked inlet filter;

Call your oxygen provider's office (telephone number provided in your Customer Information Handbook) if you have problems or questions.

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